Tuesday, February 15, 2011


1. Q: Li Zhi why did you choose Wu as a wife?
    A:I enraged the goverment officials by replacing my legal wife with one of my concubines as my wife.

2.  Q: What was your reaction to Wu strangling her newborn baby?
     A: I was horrified, i never knew my wife would kill her baby. That is a horrible thing and when i found out i couldn't even look at her. and Wu blamed it on my ex wife, who got her arms and legs cut off and i had to watch her die. it was a one of the worst things i have ever had to watch.

3.  Q: What was the hardest part in your marriage?
     A: The hardest part of our marriage is probably her, she has a horrible attitude and wont take no for an answer. And she takes advantage of me cause i have some health issues. She gets whatever she wants and I'm going to put a stop to it.

4.  Q: What was your first/legal wife like?
     A: She was a smart person who i loved and didn't want to leave. She had a better attitude than Wu and she was nicer too. Her name was Wang and she liked whatever i did, and Wu did not. Wang was a much better wife.

5.  Q: Does your wife have an anger issue?
     A:  Yes she does, she is horrible at listening to me. I'm getting tired of her and her attitude. I wish she would just let me rule on my own instead of her trying to get in my way. She can help me but she cant take over. Hopefully she will get better after reading this interview.

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